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Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium Grant

The Pupil Premium is an allocation of additional funding provided to schools to support specific groups of children who are vulnerable to possible underachievement.  These include pupils who are entitled to free school meals; those looked after by the local authority and children of armed service personnel.

 Our Pupil Premium Grant

Gravenhurst Academy received a total of £1300 Pupil Premium for the period April 2015 to April 2016.  In 2015 - 2016 this will also include pupils eligible for FSM at any point in the last six years.

During this academic year only one pupil received Pupil Premium. 

Service Pupil Grant

Since September 2012 we have begun receiving pupils from service families.  Funding from April 2015-April 2016 was a total of £2400. This funding will be used to support these children through access to nurturing groups which will be led by a teaching assistant.  The grant will be used to purchase resources for this activity as well as cover part of the staff salary.

Allocation of Pupil Premium and Service Pupils Grant:

  • to provide one to one, or small group tuition,  to identified pupils
  • Support is given to individual pupils so they can access school trips and pay transport costs, in some cases support and advice around attendance and when necessary for the school to provide PE kits so pupil can access the sports provision.
  • Funding of Teaching Assistant to support with intervention/nurture group work accross the school.
  • If necessary funding for one to one counselling
  • Resources for the use within the nurture group
  • leavers books

Impact of Pupil Premium and Service Grant:

  • Improving attendance
  • In the academic year 201502016 the average progress of our children in receipt of the Service Grant was for KS1 of 8.0 points progress in reading, and writing and 9.0 in mathematics.  (Good progress is 6+ points).

Sports Support Grant

The government is providing additional funding to improve the provision of physical education in Primary Schools - this funding is ring-fenced and can only be spent on improving the provision of PE and sport.

At the beginning of this academic year we have plans in place to provide:

  • Continue to be part of Redbourne Sports Partnership, giving us access to festivals and competitions, sports leadership training, afterschool club, staff training.
  • Purchase additional sports equipment - throwing and catching equipment
  • subsidises swimming for year 2 - 4
  • update staff training
  • develop physical activity during lunchtimes

Outcomes for PE 

  • KS1 and KS2 pupils were able to take part in inter school festivals
  • year 4 pupils received sports leader training
  • academy achieve Bronze Mark July 2015
  • Year 2 - Year 4 received weekly swimming lesson during the Spring Term - The outcome was that 71% of pupils were able to swim 25m or more
  • MDS has received Change 4 Life training and has begun to implement activities during lunch times
  • football training is offered (KS1 - KS2) one lunch time each week.  26% of pupils regularly take part throughout the year.

PE and sports premium funding 2016-17

Additional Funding 2016-17

PE and sports premium funding 2015-16