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Home School Agreement

Click here for Home School Agreement (PDF)

Gravenhurst Academy strives to provide a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment in which every child is treated as an individual.  We encourage children to work hard, to behave well and to take pride and pleasure in their own and others’ achievements.  We each have our part to play in this and look forward to working together to help our children become confident and enthusiastic learners.  Please sign this copy and return to school, a home copy has been emailed for you to keep.

In order to achieve these aims:

The Academy: We will

·        Provide a kind, caring and supportive environment for all our pupils and their individual needs

·        Provide an exciting curriculum and a learning environment which inspires children to learn and achieve their best

·        Liaise and discuss relevant issues to ensure the happiness and all round development of each child

·        Promote the school’s Behaviour Policy

·        Provide you with an annual written report on your child’s progress and opportunity to discuss it

·        Keep you informed of the broad range of activities and events through regular newsletters

·        Provide you with opportunities and activities to help your child at home

·        Follow the school’s Code of Conduct

·        Follow the school’s E-safety Rules


Class Teacher:



The pupil: I will


·        Remember what makes a happy school and help by supporting us

·        Make friends and care for all

·        Enjoy the learning environment

·        I will speak to a teacher if I have a problem or I am worried about anything

·        Try to do my very best at all times

·        Respect all adults at the school and always do as I am asked

·        Take home my learning log and do my best

·        I will do my homework including daily reading

·        Respect the rules of our school Behaviour Policy including moving quietly about the school

·        Follow the school Code of Conduct

·        I have read and I understand the school’s E-Safety Rules

·        I will use the computer, network, Internet access and other new technologies in a responsible way at all times.

·        I know that network and Internet access may be monitored.






Parent or Guardian: I/we will

·        Support the school aims

·        Recognise our partnership is a great strength of the school and consult with any matters of concern as appropriate (equally please share your positive thoughts)

·        Support and encourage my child in efforts to maintain standards of work, and do their best

·        Support my child with homework – Learning Logs, reading, spellings and times tables

·        Support the school’s Behaviour policy

·        Attend Parent Evenings wherever possible

·        Ensure I let the school know as soon as possible if my child is absent (a telephone call is appreciated followed up with a letter/email on child’s return)

·        Ensure all medical needs are disclosed including infectious diseases, by signing the specific forms.

·        Make sure that my child brings all the equipment that is needed every day such as their reading book & P.E. Kit, Pink Link book etc.

·        Provide my child with a packed lunch or pay for their school dinner in advance

·        Ensure that my child wears the correct uniform and PE kit

·        Follow the schools Code of Conduct.

E-Safety Rules for Children

·        We ask permission before using the Internet

·        We only use websites that an adult has chosen

·        We tell an adult if we see anything we are uncomfortable with and we immediately close any webpage we not sure about

·        We only e-mail the people my teacher has approved and the messages we send will be polite and responsible

·        We never give out personal information or passwords

·        We never arrange to meet anyone we don’t know

·        We do not open e-mails sent by anyone we don’t know

·        We do not use Internet chat rooms

·        We do not download programs or bring programs on disc or CD Rom from home into school

·        We realise that if we don’t use the Internet sensibly we will not be allowed to use it

Parent’s Consent for Internet Access

I have read and understood the school e-safety rules and give permission for my son / daughter to access the Internet.  I understand that the school will take all reasonable precautions to ensure that pupils cannot access inappropriate materials but I appreciate that this is a difficult task. 

I understand that the school cannot be held responsible for the content of materials accessed through the Internet.  I agree that the school is not liable for any damages arising from use of the Internet facilities.