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   Our Senior Leadership team is in school on the following days;

Mrs D randall, Principal is in school on Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.

Mrs S Singh, Associate Deputy Principal is in school on Wednesday.

Parents wishing to make an appointment with Mrs Randall or Mrs Singh are asked to contact Mrs Davison in the school office.

Our PTA Parent Teacher Association

FROGS - Friends of Gravenhurst School

Parents are automatically members of the PTA. The PTA provides the school with invaluable support and help to finance the purchase of equipment and resources which may not otherwise be bought. The PTA organises many social and fund raising events throughout the year which are well supported by the school community. A hard working committee of elected members enables these events to run smoothly and efficiently. We need your support and would welcome new ideas and enthusiasm. If you would like to become a member of the committee, or you are willing to help at our events, please let us know through the school office.

For more information about FROGS please go to the FROGS page.  Thankyou.


Parents are encouraged to support their children at home with regular reading practice, learning of spellings, number bonds and times tables when appropriate. Children’s learning can be enhanced through dialogue and discussion and joint activities. The children also have Learning Logs and each week have an open ended (sometime specific) task to complete. The activity is usually based on learning already covered in school. 

Reporting to parents

Consultation evenings are held in the Autumn and Spring Terms when you can discuss your child’s progress with the class teacher. You will also receive an annual report in the summer term, which will tell you how well your child is progressing in all areas of the curriculum.


Weekly newletters are sent home to all parents and links to them can be found on our website please go to our News tab and click on Newsletters.

Holidays in Term time

National attendance regulations now specify that schools can grant leave of absence for a holiday providing the application is made in advance by a parent and that save in exceptional circumstances, a pupil would not be granted more than ten days of absence in any school year. The regulations state that holidays cannot be taken for the following reasons and should not be authorised.

  • Availability of cheap holidays
  • Availability of the desired accommodation
  • Poor weather experienced in school holiday periods; and
  • Overlap with the beginning of term.

The Government strongly urges parents to avoid booking family holidays during term time as this will disrupt education. There is no right to take a child out of school for a holiday and this is laid out in 1995 and 2006 regulations. Persistent unauthorized absences will be followed up by the Education Welfare Officer and they will take additional action. 

Emergency Contact

Please keep us up to date with emergency contact numbers so that parents can be contacted swiftly if the need arises.